Neagu General Contractor is a full-service home repair and development company started by Viorel Neagu in 1989. Neagu specializes in remodeling, additions and new construction, with an emphasis on kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Serving the greater Bay Area for over 20 years, Neagu Construction has raised the standard in home repair. From design to detail, each home is given the highest level of craftsmanship. At Neagu, each home is more than just a job, it’s a unique project. And the homeowner isn’t just a client to us, but more of a partner we want to build a relationship with throughout the project, so they can be involved in the development and improvement of their home.

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There are fundamental attributes every homeowner should expect when they hire a contractor but rarely get. Things like, professionalism, punctuality, a clean job site, and quality of work. At Neagu General Contractor, these attributes are the staples of our work ethic, from the owner down to every member of our team. We have combined, through experience and integrity, the highest level of craftsmanship together with a work ethic second to none. By not compromising these standards, we are able to return art and beauty to home improvement while maintaining the highest level of efficiency and old-fashion hard work.

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At Neagu General Contractor, we bring art, contemporary design and beauty back into home improvement. The convention with most contractors is to see every home and project as just another job. At Neagu, every home is a new creative endeavor, every project unique. We believe that residential construction as a whole has fallen into a rut, with most contractors relying on very ridged and repetitive motions of fix, remodel or build. While there’s nothing wrong with this, at Neagu, we also fix, remodel and build with the same efficiency as any construction company but we do it with the blinders off. We think outside the box, bringing creativity, art and design to every project, great or small. And we continue to deliver this time and again. With all our reviews ranging from excellent to perfect, Neagu General Contractor brings an uncompromising work ethic together with artistic design, delivering a detailed and beautiful finish to every home that is rarely seen in the home repair industry.

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It seemed destined that Viorel Neagu would be a contractor. Viorel’s father, Nicolae Neagu, was a contractor himself, and from the young age of ten years old, Viorel was already helping his father build entire homes in his village in Romania.

Growing up, Viorel learned not only the trade, but also the traits that make a good contractor great. Things like integrity, honesty, hard work, and attention to detail. Viorel remembers those years well and appreciates the strong characteristic traits his father and the hard but satisfying work instilled in him.

Immigrating to the U.S. in 1980, Viorel continued on the path of home repair and improvement, realizing it was his passion and calling. After years of learning all aspects of the craft, Viorel started Neagu General Contractor in 1989, and his goal has been the same from the days he first picked up the hammer to today, to give every home the attention, craftsmanship and detail it deserves.
Being a husband and father with six children of his own, Viorel understands how personal and intimate the home is to an owner, and he has dedicated his life’s work to giving each home the individual quality he would put into his own home.

At Neagu General Contractor, Viorel focuses on making each project more than just a job. Each home is a unique sanctuary where families lay their head and break bread. It’s where memories are made, and lives are shared, and Neagu General Contractor is dedicated to give each home the time, attention and love it deserves.

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